Cumberland Council’s Food Insecurity Survey

Help Cumberland Council understand the extent of food insecurity and related issues in the area, by completing their survey.

The council has been working with the University of Liverpool to develop the Food Insecurity at Local Level (FILL) survey to measure the extent to which people in Cumberland are struggling to access food – whether for financial or other reasons – and what kinds of support services (if any) they use.

Until now, local authorities have had to rely solely on data from food banks and community groups in the local area to measure food insecurity. This can mask the true scale of the situation as not everyone who might otherwise benefit accesses these services.

The survey is available to everyone living in Cumberland over the age of 18 and the team encourages one adult per household to take part, regardless of whether they have experienced food insecurity or not.

Participants have the chance to enter into a free prize draw to win gift vouchers of up to £100.

To complete the survey go to: , or ring 0800 073 0348 where it can be completed over the phone.

The results will help better understand the situation in the Cumberland area and identify what can be done to ensure every household gets the support they need.

The survey is being led by Dr Rachel Loopstra at the University of Liverpool in partnership with the Council and researchers from the universities of Sheffield, Lincoln, Northumbria and the Independent Food Aid Network. This project has been funded by the University of Liverpool’s Partnership and Innovation Fund.