Gosforth Covid-19 Assistance

Gosforth Parish Council are working together to support you.

Gosforth Parish Council have held an emergency meeting to discuss the impact of Covid-19 to the village of Gosforth.  We have put together an action plan on how we as a Parish can support each other through this unfamiliar time.

Firstly, we are looking for volunteers to support the vulnerable and isolating residents.  This support could be arranging deliveries, picking up shopping or medication, a friendly phone call, posting mail, help topping up gas or electric or collecting urgent supplies.  If you feel you could offer help in any way, please contact:

Dawn Pennington (Co-ordinator) 07715182423, Rachel Rowe (Unsworth) 019467 25525/25235 or Paul Turner 07795169637.

Secondly, we want to hear from those that are isolating or feel vulnerable.  Tell us what you need, how we can help.  Unfortunately, as the situation worsens the list of people isolating will grow and you may need the help of a volunteer.  You may be isolating and have support just now, but your support network may also need to isolate.  So, if you need us now or in the future please get in touch on one of the numbers above.

We want nobody left isolated without support!

Public Hall Consultation

Gosforth Public Hall & Library is striving to become your very own ‘Community Hub’ and now you have a chance to make your views heard. The Public Hall Council of Management is seeking your views, ideas, comments about how they can make improvements to our Public Hall and Library to create a community hub.

If you are a regular user of the Public Hall and/or Library you may have ideas about the buildings and facilities or you may just have suggestions and comments about activities/performances you would like to see in the hall or information and access to services that would prove useful at the Library.

Whatever your ideas are, from minor tweeks to aspirational visions, please let us know.

There is now a board in the hall where you can post your ideas or you can write or email our Secretary, Jackie Williams, 2 Wells Cottages, Ravenglass CA18 1SP email: gosforth.parish2@outlook.com or leave a comment on this page.

New Flagpole

Eagle-eyed residents may have noticed the new Flagpole installed outside the Public Hall thanks to a kind donation from Councillor David Gray. The weather could not have been much worse with a biting high wind but now the flagpole stands proud and no more risking life and limb to crawl out onto the roof to raise a flag.

Iconic Telephone Box to Stay!


Following BT’s consultation on the removal of Telephone Boxes in the area, Parish Councillor Rachel Rowe, launched a Facebook discussion on whether residents wanted to keep the phone box. Responses came in thick and fast, most of them in favour of retaining the Telephone Box and several offers of help were also received. The Parish Council have now indicated to BT that they want to ‘adopt’ the phone box on behalf of the residents of Gosforth. Councillor Rowe is currently researching and co-ordinating the maintenance of the box so we are ready to act as soon as contracts are exchanged.

Is our Telephone Box a keeper?

BT are planning to remove the telephone box from Gosforth Car Park unless the Parish Council indicates that it wishes to ‘adopt’ it by 12th September. Now here’s the dilemma… the Parish Council does not have a budget for repairing and maintaining the phone box which will be stripped of its phone and electricity. So, we need to hear from groups or individuals who are willing and able to look after the box if it is to stay.

Many villages, up and down the country have adopted their telephone boxes and put them to various uses. Some have been turned into book swops, others have become planters for flowers and one artistic village produced stained glass panels and turned it into a colour therapy box. Defibrillator cabinets, mini-cafes, selfie box and even a pub are some other ideas that have transformed unloved kiosks. Torver, I understand, have turned their telephone box into a fishtank, complete with goldfish!

The downside is that some telephone boxes have been adopted and left to deteriorate further so if we don’t have a plan, we will have an eyesore.

If you have any good ideas and can come up with a plan to present to the Parish Council by 11th September, please get in touch via email gosforth.parish2@outlook.com