Minutes of the Meeting held online on Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 7pm


Mark Fussell (MF) – Chairman

Councillors: Rachel Unsworth (RU) – Vice Chair, Paul Turner (PT), David Gray (DG), Mike McKinley (MM), Graham Hutson (GH), Dawn Pennington (DP)

Others: Jacqueline Williams (Clerk), Cllr. Andy Pratt (Copeland BC)

 043/21 Apologies for Absence

RESOLVED that apologies be received from Cllr. Norman and the reason noted.

 044/21 Declarations of Interest – none.

 045/21 Minutes of the meeting held on 10th February 2021

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 10th February 2021, pages 101 to 104, be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

046/21  Public Participation

No members of the public were present.

047/21 County Councillor and District Councillors’ Reports

Cllr. Turner will be taking a list of proposed dropped kerb locations to a meeting next week. For clarity, Cllr. Turner confirmed these were for pedestrian paths and not for vehicle access.

 048/21 Planning Applications


A late application had been received on the day of the meeting.

4/21/2087 – Silver How Farm – demolition of lean-to and replace with two-storey extension. Cllr. Fussell asked Councillors to consider the application and contact the Clerk if there are any issues, observing that there are no immediate neighbours so objections are unlikely.


7/2020/4102 – Lara, Gosforth – extension and alterations to house – Granted. The potential overlap of works to the water treatment plant was discussed. Cllr. Fussell agreed to mention this to the home-owner.

Other Planning Matters:

Low Ling Bank: The Clerk had received a response from the planning authority requesting further information.

Harecroft Hall: Responses had been received from the Forestry Commission and LDNPA. The owner has applied to an exempted organisation to become an approved site. If approval is granted, planning permission would not be needed. LDNPA are monitoring.

 049/21 Financial Reports

The Clerk explained that the cheque for the Telephone Kiosk (£1) has not been banked and is now out of date so it has been cancelled and reversed in the expenditure column.

RESOLVED that the Bank Reconciliation to 28th February 2021 be received and noted.

The payments for approval schedule includes annual grants to St. Mary’s for graveyard maintenance, Gosforth Playing Field, Gosforth Public Hall and Library.

RESOLVED that the schedule of payments be approved for payment.

050/21 Local Government Reorganisation

Cllr. Fussell noted that a meeting has been arranged by CALC on 18th March 2021 at 7pm. Cllr. Pratt said that presentations would be made on the proposals and it would be important to drill down to what it means at Parish Council level. Feedback can be given individually or as a Parish Council. Cllr. Fussell encouraged Councillors to attend and requested the Clerk send a prompt.

051/21Public Toilets & Car Park

Cllr. Pratt expressed his disappointment at the delay outlined in a letter from Copeland which had been circulated. He said that Copeland want to go over the figures and ensure that they have a firmed-up and supported proposition which clearly explains the liabilities for the Parish Council. Copeland have promised the document for the Parish Council’s May meeting.

052/21 Secondary School Allocations

Cllr. Fussell said that it was important that people join forces and have conversations regarding West Lakes place allocations. Cllr. Pratt said he would bring it to the next school Governors meeting in April. A general discussion took place about this years’ allocations. Cllr. Gray had been told that all children had got placements at their choice of schools. However, Cllr. Pratt pointed out that if all had chosen West Lakes there would not have been enough places.

053/21 Telephone Box

Cllr. Unsworth reported that BT have confirmed that they pay for the electricity and will continue to do so. The electricity had been isolated and a safety check completed. The Electrician needs further information for the safety certificate; the address of the phone box, the name to go on the certificate and the address it should be sent to. It was agreed the Clerk should advise BT that the supply has been isolated and request the information for the certificate. Cllr. Turner said we should make it clear to BT that this has only been isolated and may be reinstated in the future. Cllr. Hutson said that members of the Rotary had renewed their offer to get involved with the restoration. The Clerk said that help with ongoing maintenance may be needed.

RESOLVED that the Clerk inform BT regarding the isolation of the electricity supply.                

054/21 Tinkers Hill/Gravel Pit

Cllr. Gray reported that he had spent all day on the paperwork and has now requested help. The Clerk asked Cllr. Gray for some background. Cllr. Gray explained how the situation had come about and expressed his concerns about what would happen if the land fell into other hands. There was a general discussion about how the site is being managed and the Parish Council’s liabilities and role as a Landlord. Cllr. Gray said that he is only dealing with the paperwork. Cllr. Fussell expressed his support and appreciation of all the work Cllr. Gray has done and just needs to understand how we are managing it as Landlords.

RESOLVED that the Clerk request information regarding the management of the site from Cllr. Norman.

055/21 Geological Disposal Facility

Cllr. Hutson has registered to attend the online session and is having a pre-talk meeting with the facilitator next week. Cllr. Pratt said they will talk to the Parish Council if requested.

056/21 Community-Led Plan

Cllr. Fussell said that sub-committee members have been familiarising themselves with the previous plan and will arrange a meeting.

057/21 Unauthorised Use of Public Bridleways

Following a complaint regarding vehicles on Guards Lonning, the Clerk emailed the Forestry Commission and a response was received saying they do not own the land or lane, only having right of access. Cllr. McKinley said that if the bridleway or footpath is registered, complaints should be directed to Nick Thorne (Countryside Access Adviser) of the Lake District National Park Authority. Cllr. McKinley pointed out that 50% the LDNPA staff are on furlough so action should not be expected immediately.

RESOLVED that the Clerk respond to the complainant with contact information.

057a/21 Meetings

No meetings reported. Cllr. Fussell will be attending a Parish Forum meeting at Sellafield next week and a Public Hall meeting tomorrow evening.

058/21 Councillor Administration – Nothing to report.

 059/21  Councillor Matters

Cllr. Gray – actions from the last meeting – will report missing Footpath signs – Cllr. Pratt awaiting information on status of building near village shop. Cllr. Gray requested a paper copy of original lease for Gravel Pit. The Clerk advised this was not on file and possibly with the Solicitor. An addendum to the lease is on file. The Clerk explained the difficulties of obtaining documents from the Solicitor. It was decided to ask Cllr. Norman to request a copy of the lease from John Slater.

Cllr. Hutson – state of road right through the village needs reporting. Cllr. Turner said faults reported on the CCC Highways reporting system will go straight to the team. Cllr. Fussell said that the system appeared good for individual faults but not for reporting general conditions. Cllr. Gray suggested taking photographs. Cllr. Unsworth confirmed the road surfaces were in a poor state from Hardingill and Petton Place right through to Wellington. Cllr. Turner asked the Clerk to email with details.

Cllr. Pennington – Cllr. Turner to send the email address for reporting Covid19 breaches.

Cllr. Pratt – said that Drigg and Carleton PC are looking for a member to join a working party sub-group for a cycleway through Drigg to Gosforth. Cllr. Fussell said this was well worth getting involved.   

Cllr. UnsworthSarah Purdham reported a damaged road near High Boonwood Farm and wanted to make the Parish Council aware. Cllr. Turner is dealing with this.

Cllr. McKinley – confirmed that Gosforth should be involved in the discussion about the restoration of the original route of the River Irt, bordering the parish boundary. Cllr. Fussell has arranged a meeting.

060/21 Item in Camera – none.

061/21 Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 7pm.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.