Minutes of the meeting of Gosforth Parish Council on 11 November 2020

Present: Mark Fussell, Chair, Rachel Rowe, Vice Chair, Cllrs. Turner, Gray, Hutson, Pennington and McKinley, Jacqueline Williams, Clerk

319/20 Apologies for Absence

RESOLVED that apologies be received from Cllr. Norman and the reason noted.

320/20 Declarations of Interest – none.

 321/20 Minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2020

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2020, pages 87 to 89, be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

322/20  Public Participation

No members of the public were in attendance.

323/20 County Councillor and District Councillors’ Reports

County Cllr. Turner reported that he had received a list of dropped kerbs sites from Cllr. Gray and this will go for consideration for the next financial year.  Cllr. Turner reported that the county council had received a complaint regarding the use of the Boonwood Road as a ‘rat-run’. Several measures had been discussed including making it access only but reducing the speed limit was not a viable solution. One of the two ‘Satnav’ signs will be moved to a more suitable location and a third sign has yet to be installed.

324/20 Planning Applications

Applications – no new applications had been received.


RESOLVED that the decision of the planning authority on the applications listed below be noted.

7/2020/4054 Waste Water Treatment Plant – Extension & landscaping – Granted.

Other Planning Matters

7/2020/4071 – Residential Development on land adjacent to Ellerslie

Cllr. Fussell noted that further information had been received from the Flood Authority and the Housing Needs Survey had been circulated. Cllr. Hutson remained concerned that the Flood Authority had not addressed the downstream consequences of the drainage. Cllr. Hutson further commented that the Housing Needs Survey indicated a priority for housing for older people which was not included in the development.

RESOLVED that the Clerk draft a further response and circulate for comment before submission.

325/20 Financial Reports

RESOLVED that the Bank Reconciliation to 31st October 2020 be received, noted and signed by the Chairman.

The Clerk noted two additional invoices which had been received after circulation of the schedule of payments for approval. Councillors discussed the payment to Tethera and Cllr. Rowe agreed to follow up.

RESOLVED that the schedule of payments and the two additional invoices be approved for payment.

326/20 Public Toilets & Car Park

Councillors noted some progress with Copeland Borough Council surveying the building. The Clerk confirmed that a request for keys had been received and she had directed them to Cllr. Norman. Cllr. Fussell commented that it is important to keep up the momentum. Cllrs. Hutson and McKinley had examples of public toilets charging 20p and 40p respectively and suggested this might be a model we follow in the future.

RESOLVED that the Clerk email the surveyor to find out what progress has been made.

 327/20 Copeland Local Plan Consultation

Cllr. Fussell stated that the Parish Council should submit a response. The Clerk said that Cllr. Norman had studied the physical copy of the documents, although she is unaware whether Cllr. Norman has responded to the consultation.

RESOLVED that the Clerk contact Cllr. Norman to ascertain whether a response has been submitted.                                                                                          

328/20 Secondary School Allocations

Cllr. Fussell said this was an important issue which could have long-term impacts on the village. Children have been denied places at West Lakes Academy, the alternative, Millom incurs significant transport costs for parents. Cllr. Hutson pointed out that children from Whitehaven who have several alternatives but choose to attend WLA, are being offered places over children from Gosforth and other rural areas who then have to travel 20+ miles to attend school. Cllr. Fussell has written a letter on behalf of the Parish Council.

RESOLVED that the letter be edited to include Cllr. Hutson’s point and be sent.

 329/20 Telephone Box

Cllr. Rowe has contacted all the electricians on the list and had no response. Cllr. Rowe has been in discussion with GENII regarding cost of materials, but the work is now on hold until Spring next year. Cllr. Turner suggested boarding up to protect the windows and prevent entry. Cllr. Hutson said he would investigate locks. The Clerk will contact Cllr. Norman about turning off the electricity. Cllr. Fussell thanked Cllr. Rowe for her work.

 330/20 Grants to Churches

St. Mary’s Church has requested an increase in the contribution the Parish Council makes towards the maintenance of the graveyard. There was a discussion regarding the legal position and the response from CALC in which they admit there is a ‘grey area’. The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council make an annual contribution of £250. Seascale currently contribute £150. Cllr. Hutson has other information which he will find and circulate. No decision was made on an increase which will be discussed at the next meeting.

Cllr. Turner agreed to discuss with Seascale Cllr. Moore.

 331/20 Tinkers Hill/Gravel Pit

Cllr. Gray is working on two further documents to add to the evidence on file.                   

332/20 Councillor Administration

The Clerk confirmed there had been no applicants for the two vacancies.

 333/20 Councillor Matters

Cllr. Rowe – Glistening Gosforth is being organised by the nursery. People are being asked to decorate their houses for Christmas for the children. Cllr. Rowe asked if the Parish Council could donate a Christmas Tree. Councillors agreed in theory but pointed out that we usually have one donated and we ended up with two last year. The Clerk pointed out that Cllr. Norman usually requests the donation.                   

Cllr. Rowe – circulated a letter regarding the cancellation of VE Day. There is £735 in the account which they will distribute to the Parish Council for work on the War Memorial, to the Church for the upkeep of Commonwealth graves and the remainder to the Telephone Box. Cllr. Fussell thanked Cllr. Rowe for her efforts which are much appreciated.

Cllr. Hutson – some of the jobs on the list for the Haverigg Community Team may not be acceptable. Cllr. Turner said that it would be decided at a site meeting. Cllr. Hutson offered to attend.

Cllr. Hutson – leaves are collecting and may block the drains, causing flooding. Cllr. Rowe said that some people clear the drains outside their houses. Cllr. Hutson said some were away from properties. Cllr. Turner suggested using the Highways online reporting system to report this.

Cllr. Gray – the flagpole company had been in touch about annual maintenance which he felt is not needed this year but has asked for a quotation for next year.

Cllr. Gray – the list of Businesses for the notice board at the Toilets is being updated.

Cllr. Gray – confirmed that Seascale PC pay £250 towards Tethera, Gosforth PC initially paid £80 but raised it to £100 last year. The numbers for Seascale is 780 and 666 for Gosforth.

Cllr. Fussell – Cllr. Norman had sent information about NDA properties which are unlikely to be restored.

Cllr. Hutson – reported on the last Stakeholder meeting, saying that the latest plan has been prepared and approved by the steering group with two additions being, the need for a sensible starting date for GDF and the need to quantify any increased risk from importing nuclear material from Dounreay, Aldermaston as well as other power stations.

Cllr. Fussell – wants to confirm that all committees or groups where Councillors are assigned to represent the Parish Council are covered and requested the Clerk to circulate the list.

334/20 Item in Camera – none.

335/20 Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 7pm.


Meeting closed at 8pm.