Your Parish… Your Say… Community Led Plan

The Parish Council is launching a consultation to facilitate a Community Led Plan giving all residents the chance to determine a future vision for Gosforth.

Look out for the Questionnaires which will shortly be popping through letter boxes throughout the Parish along with the latest Tethera Magazine. To have your say, please fill out and return the questionnaire.

If you would like to join the Community Led Plan steering group email our Clerk

Have your say on Local Government Reorganisation

Local Government Reorganisation Consultation

Yesterday, the Secretary of State for the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP, announced the government’s consultation into local government reorganisation (LGR) in three areas of England, including Cumbria. As well as your Parish Council, all residents are encouraged to respond to the consultation.

All the principal authorities in Cumbria were invited to submit their proposals for reorganisation in the autumn.  Please follow the link below for more information on the proposals submitted to government for Cumbria.  Also on the link below is access to the consultation document for Cumbria.  The consultation is open now and will close at 11.45pm on 19th April 2021.

Government has also announced the postponement of county and district council elections in Cumbria for 2021, however any elections to town and parish councils will still take place in May 2021.

The consultation lasts 8 weeks, including Easter holidays, so please respond promptly if possible by clicking on the link below:

Lake District National Park urges visitors to be kind

As the lockdown begins to ease, the Lake District has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors.  While many are acting in a considerate way, there have been instances of visitor behaviour that has put pressure on the local communities and the emergency services.

Richard Leafe, Chief Executive of the Lake District National Park Authority comments:

“We’re delighted the nation has such an appetite to the visit the Lake District.  Our communities have been hit hard by COVID19 and as they start to recover, we ask all our visitors to be kind to both people and the place when they arrive.  We’ve had some real issues with littering, fires, illegal camping and terrible car parking in the last couple of weeks.

“We recognise that people have spent many weeks cooped up at home and being in such a beautiful place as the Lake District is exciting but please remember it’s also a place when people live and work.  Please make sure that there is no trace of your visit and you leave with great memories.”

Agencies are urging people to follow the Countryside Code on their visit:

Respect other people:

  • consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors.  Do not block and narrow roads with your car.  Only park in marked car parks.  Inconsiderate parking could prevent emergency vehicles passing you.  Please visit and only travel to places that have available parking.
  • leave gates and property as you find them and stick to paths.  Sanitise your hands before and after you touch anything.

Protect the natural environment:

  • leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
  • keep dogs under effective control
  • Do not light fires or BBQs.  It is very dry and fires can spread quickly endangering the natural environment, people’s homes and lives.

Enjoy the outdoors:

  • plan ahead and be prepared.  Don’t take risks in the water or on the fells.
  • follow advice and local signs.

Inconsiderate parking caused particular problems for the county’s emergency services.

Craig Drinkald, Area Manager, Head of Community Safety, Cumbria County Council Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“While we understand that people want to get out and enjoy our county’s beautiful scenery, it’s important everyone does so responsibly.

“We are asking people to ensure they park in a safe and considerate way that allows access for fire appliances and other emergency vehicles. If you can’t guarantee this then please find a safer alternative place to park or return at a different time. Fire engines are approximately 2.5 metres wide. Therefore if you’re parking your vehicle and don’t think a van could get through the space, it’s extremely unlikely that a fire engine will either. So please keep this in mind, especially on our narrow country lanes. The delays this can cause could cost lives. We’d also urge people not to light fires or BBQs. The weather has been exceptionally dry for weeks and the potential for dangerous wild fires is high.”

Sector Manager for North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Rick Shaw, reiterated this advice. He said:

“As people head to Cumbria to enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful county, we ask that they are considerate of their parking and make sure that they leave enough room for ambulances and other emergency services to get through. In a life-threatening emergency every second counts and if an ambulance is delayed due to dangerous and thoughtless parking, it really can mean the difference between life and death. We know that the vast majority of people do act responsibly but please bear in mind that we need extra space to allow large vehicles to pass at speed if necessary.”

Gosforth Covid-19 Assistance

Gosforth Parish Council are working together to support you.

Gosforth Parish Council have held an emergency meeting to discuss the impact of Covid-19 to the village of Gosforth.  We have put together an action plan on how we as a Parish can support each other through this unfamiliar time.

Firstly, we are looking for volunteers to support the vulnerable and isolating residents.  This support could be arranging deliveries, picking up shopping or medication, a friendly phone call, posting mail, help topping up gas or electric or collecting urgent supplies.  If you feel you could offer help in any way, please contact:

Dawn Pennington (Co-ordinator) 07715182423, Rachel Rowe (Unsworth) 019467 25525/25235 or Paul Turner 07795169637.

Secondly, we want to hear from those that are isolating or feel vulnerable.  Tell us what you need, how we can help.  Unfortunately, as the situation worsens the list of people isolating will grow and you may need the help of a volunteer.  You may be isolating and have support just now, but your support network may also need to isolate.  So, if you need us now or in the future please get in touch on one of the numbers above.

We want nobody left isolated without support!

Iconic Telephone Box to Stay!


Following BT’s consultation on the removal of Telephone Boxes in the area, Parish Councillor Rachel Rowe, launched a Facebook discussion on whether residents wanted to keep the phone box. Responses came in thick and fast, most of them in favour of retaining the Telephone Box and several offers of help were also received. The Parish Council have now indicated to BT that they want to ‘adopt’ the phone box on behalf of the residents of Gosforth. Councillor Rowe is currently researching and co-ordinating the maintenance of the box so we are ready to act as soon as contracts are exchanged.

Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new Website! Launched in June 2019, we hope that this site will keep you informed about the work and activities of your Parish Council. If you live in the Parish and would like us to publish any articles of interest, news about upcoming events or to promote your business, please send your content to our Clerk.

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