Minutes of the virtual Meeting held online on Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 7pm


Mark Fussell (MF) – Chairman

Rachel Rowe (RR) – Vice Chair

Councillors: Paul Turner (PT), David Gray (DG), Dawn Pennington, Rachel Rowe (RR), Mike McKinley (MM)

Others present: Jacqueline Williams (Clerk)

289/20 Apologies for Absence

RESOLVED that apologies from Councillors Norman and Hutson as well as District Councillor Pratt be received and the reasons noted.

290/20 Declarations of Interest – None.

291/20 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th July 2020

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th July 2020, pages 77 to 79, be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

292/20 Public Participation – The Clerk reported that members of the public had been invited to attend but no members of the public were present.

293/20 County Councillor and District Councillors’ Reports

Cllr. Turner reported that the Gosforth to Santon Bridge road will re-open tonight, ahead of schedule. Cllr. Turner had received a complaint regarding speeding, pedestrians on the road and lighting on the road from the Kellbank towards Santon with a request to extend the speed limit which he has raised with the County Council.

In his absence, Cllr. Pratt had sent an email update on various topics including Footway Lighting. Cllr. Gray said there was an odd situation in the village which makes no sense, adding that all the lights within the original 30 mile an hour speed limit were looked after by the County Council and all those outside the speed limit and upto Wellington are the responsibility of Copeland.

RESOLVED that the Parish Council continue to follow recommendations from CALC and await a resolution between District and County Councils and the outcome of the CALC negotiations.

294/20 Planning Applications


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a response to the Planning Authority of the Council’s observations on the applications listed below:

7/2020/4054 Waste-Water Treatment Plant – Extension to plant and landscaping – No objections

7/2020/2268 Broom Farm, Gosforth – Agricultural building – No objections


RESOLVED that the decision of the Planning Authority for the applications listed below be noted.

7/2019/4067 Land adjacent to Ellerslie – Residential Development – Granted – see note below*

*It was noted that Councillors and residents would have further opportunities to comment on the application as further details were submitted.

Other Planning Matters – none

295/20 Financial Reports

A VAT refund had been received and the Car Park Honesty Box emptied and banked. The cleaning contract payment included an overpayment in March due to Covid 19 closure and two days in May, plus resumption of daily cleaning from 17th July.

RESOLVED that the Bank Reconciliation to 31st July 2020 be received, noted and signed by the Chairman.

RESOLVED that the schedule of payments be approved for payment.

296/20 Public Toilets & Car Park

Cllr. Fussell reported no further progress on the Asset Transfer however, due to a team effort, the Toilets were re-opened on 17th July. Cllr. Pratt is trying to make progress on the Asset Transfer. Cllr. Fussell said that the Car Park was busy again so we re-opened just in time. The toilets do need investment but the ownership issue is an obstacle. Cllr. Fussell asked about the Gents disabled toilet which is now a store and Cllr. Gray confirmed that it would be possible to utilise the area at the back of the building for a hot water boiler. Cllr. Fussell suggested a site meeting to look at the building and storage situation. Cllr. Fussell said that in the longer-term he would like to see the disabled toilet reinstated.

297/20 Public Hall

The Council of Management of the Public Hall has had several meetings to discuss the government guidance which is being updated regularly. They are keen to get the hall re-opened but not put people at risk. Mel Gould has produced a very thorough Risk Assessment and special conditions of hire which have been circulated. The hall is being marked out for social distancing this weekend and all measures are being taken to follow the government guidance. The Library plan to open on Saturdays 10am – 12 noon from 15th August, and the hall on 17th August, initially for a week-long GADS workshop, followed by regular Karate and Pilates sessions. U3A and WI have no plans to return at present. Cllr. McKinley commented that this was very wise considering age and vulnerability of members.

As custodians of the Public Hall & Library, the Parish Council are requested to approve the Risk Assessment and the re-opening of the Hall and Library.

RESOLVED that the Parish Council approve the Risk Assessment and the measures being put in place to ensure the safety of the public.

298/20 EPC4 – Communities framework & the devolution white paper

Cllr. Fussell said that Councillors had commented by email on this which he summarised as giving Parish Councils more powers. A key example of how the current system is failing Gosforth is the Car Park asset transfer.

RESOLVED that the Clerk draft a response and circulate to Councillors for comment.

299/20 Councillor Administration

The Clerk confirmed there were still two vacancies.

300/20 Councillor Matters

Cllr. Gray –

  • Merchant Navy Day – 3rd September – flag will be flying on that day.
  • Response from Land Registry to SIM form – no registered owner of the land.
  • Picnic Bench – scouts wanted to put the bench on the green at the front of the Car Park. Existing bench which is close has warped so Cllr. Gray proposed that this be removed to the graveyard and the new bench installed on the existing plinth. All agreed.
  • Fussell said he had spoken to the couple who had requested to adopt a bench and explained the situation. Cllr. Gray said that a bench could be placed at the top of the car park, close to an existing memorial bench. Cllr. Fussell said he would pass this on.

Cllr. Rowe –

  • A couple of large cobbles have fallen out of the wall at the Car Park – Clerk to report to Copeland.
  • Complaint from local resident regarding cars being parked on the side of the road and across footpaths from the Accountants onwards. Struggles to access drive, blocking pedestrian paths and on the brow of a hill. Cllr. Turner suggested reporting to Police via 101email.

Cllr. Fussell (via email after Zoom closed the meeting prematurely)

  • Ancell has spoken to the land-owner regarding the tyres along the River Bleng and has been assured that they are there to prevent erosion of the river bank and have been approved by the appropriate bodies.

Date of the next meeting

The date of the next meeting is scheduled as Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 7pm.

Meeting closed at 7:40pm