Free Vitamins for new mothers and young children

CUMBERLAND Council is offering free vitamins to help families get the healthiest possible start in life.

The supplements – available to all young children and pregnant and new mothers in Cumberland – provide

important nutrients to support growth and development.

They are available to:

· Pregnant mothers

· Those who are breastfeeding or combined feeding (breastfeeding and formula) a baby up to the age

of six months

· All children up to the age of two

· Children up to the age of four where the household is eligible for a Healthy Start digital card

As well as offering the free vitamins, the council is reminding families about the Healthy Start scheme. This

digital card gives up to £8.50 per week to help residents buy fresh, healthy food for their families. There are

some eligibility criteria for this scheme.

Initially, families will receive vitamins from their midwives and health visitors. After that they will be

available from community venues such as libraries, children’s centres, community centres and food hubs.

At these venues, people can also apply for the Healthy Start digital card and get information on support

and activities in their area.

Residents can find out more about free vitamins in Cumberland here or speak to a member of staff at a

library or community venue.

More information about the Healthy Start scheme is available on the NHS website

at .

Councillor Martin Harris, Cumberland’s Executive Member for Public Health and Communities, said:

“These vitamins are so important to mums, babies and young children, so we want as many people as

possible to take advantage of this scheme.

“As well as the free vitamins, the Healthy Start digital card is there to help give children the best start in

life. In Cumberland there are many eligible families not yet receiving their Healthy Start money. It is income

dependent, but I’d urge everyone who thinks they might qualify to check their eligibility. Healthy Start

provide access to nutritious foods that could make a real difference to you and your family’s health.”

“The vitamins for children contain vitamins A, C and D. The vitamins for pregnant and breastfeeding

women contain folic acid and vitamins C and D. These vitamins are important for the development of

healthy bodies, bones and teeth. Folic acid is particularly important to pregnant women to prevent

anaemia and to help them have healthy babies.”