Heat Health Alert

A Heat Health Alert been issued for the North West region (along with many other parts of the UK). 

This was upgraded yesterday from a Yellow Alert to an Amber Alert (more info here) because of the length of the warm period, and because very light winds could lead to poorer air quality than usual, and it runs until Sunday.

This morning’s update from the Met Office was that tomorrow’s likely to be the warmest day – perhaps up to 29 degrees in Cumbria, and it may stay fairly warm overnight for the next few days. It’ll come to an end Sunday/Monday, when there’s the possibility of some intense rainfalls and thunderstorms, although that’s very hard to predict at this stage.

As you know, for many of us, this will simply be a chance to enjoy some sunshine after a pretty grey summer – but please do remember to keep an eye out for those people who are more vulnerable to high temperatures (most obviously the very young and very old) – there’s some more information in this (2022) blog from the UK Health Security Agency: Staying safe in extreme heat – UK Health Security Agency (